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Singles Defined

Singles or single stroke roll is alternating right and left hand single strokes.


Single Stroke Roll Exercises

Single Stroke Progression

Start out slowly R then L then R then L. Gradually speed up in a smooth progressive increase in speed until you are at your top speed then gradually slow down in a smooth decrease in speed until you are at the same speed you started.

Sixes Exercise

I first learned this exercise while playing in our high school marching band drum line. Our instructor was Joe Santoro.

7/8, 4/8 Snare Exercise

This exercise promotes fast singles. It also reinforces odd time reading with a shifting meter (7/8 and 4/8). This exercise is really fun to practice with another drummer at high speeds. This exercise was first taught to me by James LaRheir. He learned it at one of the many drum lines he belonged to.


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