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Rock Quads Defined

There are many variations to rock quads and rock triplets. Essentially, the idea is to develop a complex bass drum and toms pattern that you can play very fast and freely around the drums. The usage of these motifs for drum set players is similar in usage to a roll with snare players. Most drummers learn just a few of these motifs through their whole career. For my playing, I use rock triplets with single bass and the following motif with double bass:

This page presents exercise to develop fast rock quads along with the ability to play them in time.

Note If you choose to learn several motifs, you can mix them for some really intense effects.


Here is a demonstration of rock quads by themselves and used within other tom fills.

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(YouTube Video ID=qmtBJst1nfA)

Precision Exercise

The goal of this exercise is to develop precise even and strong rock quads. Play this exercise at four or more various speeds between 80 and 200 beats per minute. In the beginning, you'll need to spend at least 5 minutes per speed. Although just one low tom and high tom are notated, if you have more than two toms, learn to play this exercise while freely moving around your toms and snare.

Visit web page to view video:
(YouTube Video ID=RoVWBbLeJto)

Shifting HH Foot Exercises

Because you'll spend much of your drumming life playing single bass grooves using the hi-hat, it's a good idea to learn to switch from single bass to double bass and back quickly and without effort. These exercises will help you develop this important technique.

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