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Play-drums: SRC Drummer Tips

For the Student and Self Motivated Drummer
The following will take less than an hour per practice session and you will get the most out of each lesson:

  1. Choose ONLY one lesson per day.
  2. Review the online material here for the lesson.
  3. Play with and without a metronome and play along to the audio files for that particular lesson. Then follow up with any ideas or modifications provided here.

Using a Metronome

Practice with and without a metronome, and play along with the audio files.

Playing with a Metronome
When you play an exercise with a metronome and you make a mistake, either STOP and start over or when you finish the exercise, play it again until you don't make any mistakes.

Playing with the Audio Files
If you make a mistake, do not stop. Just like in a performance.


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