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Play-drums: Free Drum Clips for Mixing and Remixing Music

This page contains free drum clips performed by Mike Prestwood. 
  • Songwriters: Use these drum clips in your work. Free of charge. Give credit to Mike Prestwood only if you wish to.
  • Musicians: Play along to these drum clips as part of your practice sessions.
  • Drummers: Listen to these drum clips for ideas.

Odd time Rock

5/4, 110 BPM (1:17)
Starts with 4 clicks, fill on beat 5, beat stresses either beats 2, 3, 5 or 2, 4, 5. Fill at end of measure 4 and 8 then somewhat free form.
  • File Info: MP3, 128 KBPS Bit rate, Stereo, Pre-Mixed
  • Form: 8 bars then free form
Rock in 5/4 (3+2 grouping)

Odd time Jazz

5/4, 160 BPM (:50)
Starts with one measure of stick clicks.
  • File Info: MP3, 160 KBPS Bit rate, Stereo, Pre-Mixed
  • Form: free form
Jazz in 5/4 (3+2 grouping)
 "Play-drums: Free Drum Clips for Mixing and Remixing Music"
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