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Play-Drums: Play-drums: SRC Standard Lessons

Standard Lessons
Many of the lessons have the same instructions for beginning performers, advanced performers, and teacher instructions. Rather than repeat instructions for each lesson, I've used the phrase "Standard Lesson." for either the entire lesson or for a particular part to indicate the following:

Beginning Performers
Practice playing the exercises to a metronome set between 80 and 110 BPM. Optionally, practice to the 100 BPM audio files.

What you need:

  • Sticks
  • Practice Pad
  • Metronome
  • Optional: an MP3 player to play along with the 100 BPM audio files.


  • Play each exercise correctly along with a metronome.

Advanced Performers
I realize these are rather simple exercises. However, use them to practice playing at really slow and really fast tempos. Play along to the slowest and fastest audio files provided.

Teacher Guidelines

For Beginning Students
This is a sight reading and timing lesson. Introduce the material during one lesson and quiz them during the next. Have them perform the exercises on a practice pad to a metronome set between 90 and 105 BPM.

For Advanced Students
Depending on the needs of the student, I may skip this lesson. However, sometimes I find it useful to test the student at really slow and really fast tempos.

Optional For exercises that have both a snare and bass part, I'll ask drum set players to play both parts on the drum set. Sometimes I'll do this even when I've decided to skip the lesson. Sometimes even advanced players have trouble reading both parts at the same time.

 "Play-drums: SRC Standard Lessons"
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